New! infinut Math for Schools

Aims to Make Learning Math Easy and Fun for all Children

infinut Math for Schools – Kindergarten

  • At a time when more students than ever are shut out of promising career paths in STEM because they haven’t mastered basic math concepts
  • Despite a marketplace full of failed math software that uses rote learning and boring multiple-choice quizzes to “teach” students
  • With technology expenditures in K-12 increasing without making an impact in student learning outcomes

  • infinut Math for Schools – Kindergarten is the brainchild of an experienced team of educators, artists, software developers and parents
  • Using interactive games that teach the same way parents and teachers do, patiently explaining concepts and engaging playfully
  • Providing complete coverage of the Common Core requirements for Kindergarten-level math.
  • With an easy-to-use interface that allows teachers to assign specific lessons to students and identify those needing real-time intervention
  • And seamless integration with Google Apps for Education® (GAfE) and Google Classroom® for class rosters and single sign-on, so there’s no new passwords for students to learn.

Pilot Research Study

As part of a NSF SBIR Phase I grant in 2016, infinut’s rigorous research pilot showed a large improvement (Cohen’s D:1.24, p<.001) in test scores for topics that students played in the app. Students in the lowest 10th percentile improved the most ( by 24 percentile points) as compared to similar students in the control group. ELL (English Language Learners) students benefited because the visual and audio cues remove any requirement for reading fluency at the Kindergarten level.

Devices Supported

infinut Math for Schools – Kindergarten is available now for all Android devices with Google Play services and coming to Chromebooks soon. infinut conducted it’s research study on Nexus 7 tablets and is currently beta-testing on Acer Chromebook R11.

Countries Supported

infinut Math for Schools – Kindergarten is available to all schools with access to Google Apps for Education® (GAfE) in the USA.

School Subscription

Yearly subscription for schools includes all infinut Math for Schools content as it becomes available. Kindergarten is available now, and First Grade is planned for release Mar, 2017.

Per student subscription: $20/year.

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