First month results of publishing a Kids app on Android Market

I published Kindergarten Math Lite to the google android market on Nov 14th, 2011. It started out well. Going to the 50-100 downloads point within a day. The number of downloads and the ranking kept rising, slowly. The number of total installs is in the android market is at 4000 right now. I expect it to cross into the coveted 5000-10000 category in roughly a week’s time. It became the first app for keyword kindergarten a week ago.  There is about 100-200 downloads a day at this point. Below is the graph of the downloads for the first month.
The number of downloads rise during the weekends, and falls during the week. The peaks in the above graph are weekends and the valleys are mid-week. Perhaps, that’s because it’s a kids app. Parents are looking for ways to keep the kids busy and learning during the weekend.
The chart of active installs looks like a rising curve mirroring the total installs. The curve is beginning to flatten at the end. This could be because people who downloaded it a month ago are done playing – there is only 25 exercises in the free version. Those people are now starting to uninstall the app, affecting the active numbers.
Most of the downloads are in US. Next is Germany, then Canada. It is english app, so that explains the US and Canada uptake. The German uptake is probably because of the name of the app – Kindergarten is a German word, so, I expect it is a likelier search in Germany.
Overall, it is exceeding my expectations. I will post the amazon market uptake next.

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