Amazon vs Google Android market for a Publisher

Download Count
Amazon android market has proven to be better for me in terms of daily download counts for the last few days.  It was surprising since I thought less people have amazon market app on their machines. Amazon doesn’t break down the device type, so, I cannot say if this is entirely because of kindle fire sales, or other devices as well.

Amazon has a specific category for kids. So, it is easier to find kid’s apps. Amazon also has a review process, which results in better quality apps on their market. Google’s Android market, on the other hand, has less restrictions on apps for children. So, there are kids apps on Google’s Android market that require permission to read private information and connect to the internet. 

But, as a publisher, what matters is who does better with conversion and sales. I will post first month of paid app sales for Kindergarten Math on Google Market and Kindergarten Math on Amazon Market in a few weeks.

Statistics and Errors
For a publisher, it is invaluable to be able to see where their market is and how people who have downloaded the app are doing. Google is the clear winner here. Google breaks down the downloads by country, by device type, and operating system version. It helps a lot in terms of planning for next steps – which language to translate it to, which hardware to customize it for etc. Amazon provides no such data yet.

Google also provides detailed information about crashes. It gives an idea of the quality of the experience the user’s are seeing. The information is detailed enough to be able to fix any issues in subsequent releases.

Publishing Ease
Google market is the clear winner in ease of publishing. The publisher just has to upload the app, and it’s published. Newer versions are easier to publish too. The publisher can provide the description. The publisher can unpublish the app at any time. Publisher sets the price. In Amazon’s case, amazon edits the description. Amazon also reviews the app when it is first published and every new version of the app too. New version takes another week or two to be reviewed and approved. Amazon can also discount your app at any time. Amazon won’t allow unpublishing the app unless the app is being discontinued. So, as a publisher, once published on Amazon, you are stuck with it whether you like it or not.

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