First month of Paid Kids App on Android Market

I released Kindergarten Math on the android market on Dec 14th, a month after the release of the free (lite) app with the same name but lesser content. I changed the free app to direct to Kindergarten Math for customers who complete the free app… about a week later.

The first week was slow. Without the thousands of users of Kindergarten Math Lite, getting any indication of the presence of the new full version, there wasn’t much sales. Sales picked up when the free app was used to direct to the paid app.

For the first month from Dec 14 to Jan 14, sales were roughly 250 copies – that comes to about $170 after market fees. It is my first $100+ that I have made from directly selling software to consumers. I know it’s not much to brag about, but, I couldn’t be prouder of it.

Sales are mostly US customers, about 90% at this point. France and Australia are next in sales. Followed by Canada, UK, Thailand, Indonesia. I am happily surprised by the broad appeal and the international market that Android phones and tablets provide for me… just sitting in my house, writing away software for kids I love.

Sales are almost twice as high on weekends and holidays than on weekdays. More time with kids, results in more sales, I think. The peaks in the graph below are weekends, and the valleys are weekdays.

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