Sprinting past ten thousand mark

Kindergarten Math Lite crossed ten thousand downloads on the Google android market today. There is additional four thousand downloads on the Amazon android market of Kindergarten Math Lite. It took about 2 months since release to get here.

Getting here was more about building the app that kids like, not about marketing it. People who liked it have been kind enough to post good reviews. So far, this is a market where apps sell themselves. Once there are larger number of publishers and apps per topic, I expect it would require more marketing to get thousands of downloads.

There is about 220 downloads a day on average for Kindergarten Math Lite on the Google android market plus another 100 a day on the Amazon android market. At this rate, if it sustains, it will take about 6 months to get to the next point of fifty thousand downloads on the Google android market. That should be sometime in July. It will be interesting to see what happens between now and then.

The ratio of actives to downloads is about 62%. Percentage of actives was higher in the beginning, and has been slowly going down. People who are done with it are un-installing it slowly. The chart showing total active installations is below.

Along with crossing the 10,000 download mark, the ranking of Kindergarten Math Lite jumped about 10 places higher on the google android market for the search for Kids Math today too!

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