Amazon Android Market – Pop and Flop?

Since I wrote this post, I have discovered a bug in my code that prevented sound instructions from playing for 99% of the users. The update with the fix just went live on Amazon Market – 2/16. Since then, the conversion has gone up considerably. I have posted the numbers here. The below is no longer correct since the upgrade.

Kindergarten math lite on Amazon’s android market started off with a pop. It reached 400 downloads a day during the holiday weekend. But, since then, it’s all been downhill. The ranking for Kindergarten math within amazon’s market has not changed much during that time. So, I have to assume, the same story is true for the rest of the kids apps on amazon market.

for the last few weeks, it’s about 100 downloads a day for the free app, and about 1 order a day for the paid app. That gives a conversion ratio of about 1%. The conversion ratio on the Google android market is closer to  3%.

I wonder if the conversion ratio is affected by the buggy Test Drive the App on your computer capability that amazon provides. It does not play sound correctly. Or, have Kindle Fire sales dropped?

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