Is Kindergarten Math Successful?

Looking back at products that were successful, it is easy to say they were good, useful products. Look at this graph showing the growth of Android. It is clearly exponential growth. There is an inflection point at which it went from being linear i.e. slow and steady growth and took off.

Many successful products in technology show this type of exponential growth. But, when you are in the early stages of the product, looking at your linear graph, you may just be sitting at the early part of the exponential growth – that’s linear. Or, linear – slow and steady growth is all that you may achieve. There is no way to tell in advance how your product or service will do in the market.

For Kindergarten Math, is the growth of active installs is starting to turn up?

Does the recent growth of daily installs looks somewhat exponential?
Not yet, I think. But, I’ll be waiting, watching and looking for inflection point(s).

Usage and earnings are just one way of defining success. Another is the joy creating something I am proud of. In that sense, Kindergarten Math is already successful.

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