A Sincere Thankyou to Technology Enthusiasts

Kindergarten math Lite is different from most other educational math games on the android market. Where other games test what the kids have learned, or help them practice it, Kindergarten math teaches the concept.

Katie wrote about Kindergarten Math in her post at iste.org

…this Android program offers a variety of exercises that speak to the way young minds pick up mathematical concepts. For example, by moving balls in and out of a box users are able to actually see the process of addition and subtraction. 

She expressed what I designed and built intuitively, in my attempt to teach my kids math. Quoting another commenter …

(Kindergarten Math has a) Very simple interface with minimal distractions. My daughter loves it.

That also implies that to a lot of people, it can feel as though Kindergarten Math is not enough graphics or media-like. Kindergarten math is, in a sense, a new way of using technology for education. So, it may show the same growth pattern that new technology does. Below is the graph of the adoption of new technology or product – in this case.

The first adopters of Kindergarten Math are innovators and technology enthusiasts like Katie. Thanks to them, Kindergarten Math just crossed 500 paid downloads. It is now moving gradually into the zone of usage by early adopters and visionaries.

The chasm is the point beyond which many applications don’t make it – perhaps because they fail to appeal to a broader audience. Kindergarten math has yet to cross the chasm. Will a lot more kids like and learn from the app? I hope so.


  1. Crossing the chasm
  2. Technology adoption Graph

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