Discovering the First Big Bug

I build kindergarten math myself, and test it myself. The combination is not ideal. In a company, the roles of developer and tester are separated on purpose. As a developer, I have blind spots that a tester would catch. And recently, one of those blind spots, caused a big bug in Kindergarten Math Lite.

Kindergarten Math Lite was referring to sound files that were only available after the full Kindergarten Math  was installed. But, most people would install Kindergarten Math Lite first. So, they would not get any of the voice instructions for the exercises. I always had both Kindergarten Math and Kindergarten Math Lite installed on the phone when I tested either. So, I did not see the problem. The problem was there for more than 1 months. I only just discovered it accidentally while preparing for an update and fixed it.

The downloads of Kindergarten Math Lite have been going up during this whole time, and so have the sales of Kindergarten Math. I had no indication that anything was wrong looking at the numbers or the crash reports. I wonder how it would’ve been different had the bug not been there.

Oh well. I live and learn.

One thought on “Discovering the First Big Bug

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