Odd Google Market Search Rankings

Kindergarten Math crossed 1000 downloads yesterday. It was an exciting moment. I was waiting for it for a few days, and hoping that it would get a little bump when it crossed 1000 downloads – same as it did when it crossed 500 downloads.

But, what happened? Kindergarten Math actually fell 10+ places in rankings for keywords Kindergarten Math. It fell in ranking for keyword Kindergarten. It fell a lot in ranking for Kids Math. It is rather surprising and odd behavior from the google market. I am convinced they have a bug in their search algorithm. It seems to be treating it as though its 100 downloads instead of 1000. Being an engineer myself, I know how easy it is to make an order of 10 mistake. Or, maybe treating it as though it is a free app for rankings.

I sent the information to google. But, I am not expecting much. They are secretive about their algorithm. Maybe they don’t want people selling more than 1000 copies on purpose. I’ll update if I hear anything.

Update on 3/15
Kindergarten Math is back up in rankings. I am not sure if google fixed the problem based on e-mails it received from me and others, or if it was just a problem at 1000 and goes away when it hits 1100. The rankings seem to be more sensitive to daily downloads too since the change over to play.google.com. Is google  trying to copy a page from amazon’s book?

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