Learning to Appreciate Customers

My friend thinks I love to complain. When I decided to start working on my own projects, mostly by myself, he quipped – 

  If you are working for yourself, who will you complain about then?

I jokingly replied – 


After the failure of my first few projects, the only think I had to complain about customers… is that I had none. I learnt quickly to appreciate the users of Kindergarten Math. Now, I wouldn’t dream of complaining about them. Many are thoughtful and appreciative. Some of the recent comments that I especially appreciate are – 

The product got here quickly. Once it was here, my son and I had a ton of fun playing with them. Putting the balls into the bin is great! Makes the concept of addition and subtraction very hands on for him. Which he needs. Great for kids with Autism. Which is what i found good about this for my son.

– D. Latowski 

To see the app I built be useful for kids with Autism too, made me cry. It was not something I had expected. I am grateful to the commentor for letting me know.

 I installed this and Kids Numbers and Math Free from intellijoy at the same time. The other app has more options and is more colorful and fun (to me) but to my son – this one took the cake for some reason. đŸ™‚ He did them all and wanted to keep going, so I will be paying to upgrade. I must thank the dev for a respectable price on the full version and NO ADS! Not even in the lite version! Very nice. I did take away one star just because it could be a little more forgiving of little kids touchscreen skills. In the maze, if you bump into another box just barely – it gives you a fail. Disappointing to a child that expected to see they got it right. Also, when adding or taking away balls in some of the other games, the ball doesn’t always stay where it’s supposed to go. Even I had occasional issues when I wasn’t precise. That can be frustrating for a child, especially if they are concerned more with the counting and don’t notice the ball didn’t “stick” where it needed to be. I am betting this app will evolve well in the future. I am totally happy with it. Great job!

– Linn Anne

Such a thoughtful and detailed comment. I imagine it took her a while to type all that on a touch keyboard. Kids Numbers and Math is a top app on the market for kids. To find that kids like Kindergarten Math more… keeps me going. The criticisms are just as useful. She is helping me improve the app for all kids. I will be fixing the things she pointed out soon as I have time.

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