Yes! Kindergarten Math is a Success!

50,000 installs in less than 6 months

50,000 downloads in 6 months or less has become a commonly cited threshold for success for an Android App. Kindergarten Math Lite just crossed 50,000 downloads in 5 months on the Google Android Market. There is additional 10,000 downloads of Kindergarten Math Lite on the Amazon App Market. It is the first app that we built. So, there was no cross-promotion for it to rely on. It is independently successful.

Only 2 out of every 1000 apps has the honor of reaching 50,000 in less than 6 months. With about 500,000 apps on the Android market, that means we are one of the top 1000 apps.

How do we celebrate it? By fixing the app for Blackberry playbook… there is a lot more work to be done, and more applications to be built. This is just the beginning.


6 thoughts on “Yes! Kindergarten Math is a Success!

  1. Monkey Write just got approved in the NOOK store, and it’s doing very well. They don’t allow freemium business model, so I had to switch to trial/paid. As a result the numbers are not directly comparable to Google Play or Amazon Appstore. But so far I’m very happy with it.

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