The most important trait of an Entrepreneur

With the release of 2 apps – both making money – I have graduated to the ranks of a part-time Entrepreneur. I have been trying to figure out what I need to do, how I should act, as an Entrepreneur. I went to sites recommended by past colleagues and friends, and others I just found. There are many articles that I found on what traits I should have to become a successful Entrepreneur –

Confidence – I have oodles of that. Always have. Even when I am dead wrong.

Independence – So much so I’ve been doing most of the work. I hope that’s what they mean.

Persistence – Got fired from my last job because of it.

Systematic monitoring – I check downloads and orders obsessively.

Do what you enjoy – Definitely enjoying creating apps for kids with kids.

Take what you do seriously – I am very serious about making this work. Don’t want to go back to being a corporate monkey.

Help other would-be entrepreneurs –  Check. I teach. I publish this blog for other indie publishers.

Listening – Oooh. I listen to hubby’s ideas, and then implement them as my own. I think that counts.

Unreasonable – No. That’s definitely the hubby. He wants me to keep adding more exercises, more games, more…

But, I think I was all of these things before I was an Enterpreneur. The only new thing I developed as part of becoming an Enterpreneur is to laugh at it all – failures and successes.

Wanna guess the most important trait of an Entrepreneur? I’ll give you a hint – None of the above links mention it. The star of this video obviously has it.

It’s a sense of humor.

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