Around the World for 99 cents

The reasons why I chose to focus on math, shapes and logic is

  1. I understand and love math. I want my kids to.
  2. Math is a universal language – the symbols, and the concepts are the same everywhere
  3. Math skills are key to success in life.

Being a universal language, Kindergarten Math is being purchased by people from all over the world –

Asia – India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thialand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Lebanon, Qatar, South Korea, Japan, Israel

Africa – South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria

South America – Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago

North America – USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama

Australia – Australia, New Zealand

Europe – UK, Denmark, Germany, Norway, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Czech Rep., Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Russia, Greece, Austria, Sweden, Norway

Now, if only someone from Antarctica would buy it, there would be a copy of Kindergarten Math on each continent.

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