Comparing android app markets – Google Play, Amazon Market and Nook Store

I now have the sales data for the month of june for Kindergarten Math, and Kindergarten Shapes on Google play, Amazon Market and Nook Store. I have been publishing on both google play and amazon markets for ~ 6 months and just about month and a half on the Barnes and Noble Nook market. This month, I have some numbers to compare how the same app did on each market. But, first, some background.

Kindergarten Math has been published for ~ 6 months. Kindergarten Math Lite is ranked in the top 100 for kids apps in Google Play and Amazon Market. Kindergarten Math is ranked in top 20 paid apps for kids in both markets. Nook store does not separate apps and books, so, it is not possible to tell the ranking. Kindergarten shapes has been published for ~ 2 months. It is still climbing the charts. Both the apps come in a lite version and a full version. On all the markets the lite version is posted for free. Each lite version directs to it’s corresponding full version for purchase. So, if a customer gets Kindergarten Math Lite on Amazon market, links from it will direct them to buy the full version from the Amazon market and so on. The price is the same – 99 cents in each market. Each of the markets charge the same transaction fee of 30% – resulting in 69 cents earnt per app copy sold. Google market is available to a larger audience including outside of US, though sales are still predominantly in the US. Amazon and nook markets are only available for customers in the US.

Earnings (after market fees) for this month

Amazon market sales are a little over one-third of Google Market sales. And Nook market sales are a little over one-third of the Amazon market sales. There is a symmetry here 🙂

Conversion rate is the number of people who buy the full version vs. those that get the lite version only. The conversion rate shown is for all sales, not just for last month.  Barnes and Noble does not treat the lite and full version as separate, and don’t report data to calculate the conversion rate.  For the other 2 markets, the conversion rates are shown below.

Conversion Rate from Lite to Full apps

For both the apps, the conversion rate on the amazon market is more than twice the conversion rate on the google market. But, overall sales are less on the amazon market vs. the google market.

I feel a bit exposed sharing all the data. The total is not enough to live on. But, I hope someday, if I keep publishing lots more useful apps, it will be. Please share your experiences publishing in any market for any mobile device – including iPhones, iPads and Windows phone in the comments below.

 1/30/2013 See newer data –

Amazon, Google neck to neck. Nook falls behind.

3 thoughts on “Comparing android app markets – Google Play, Amazon Market and Nook Store

  1. Kindergarten Math used to be available on the Blackberry market for playbook. But, I took it down because of customer complaints about the android emulator on playbook crashing often – I suspect because it ran out of memory. There was not much I could do to fix it for playbook. It made about $15 for the month that it was available on playbook.

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