Coming soon… First grade math

First grade math promises to be my best game yet – with 6 diffferent interesting types of exercises. It is almost ready. My daughter – who is about to go into first grade – has been playing it, learning from it, and helping me find problems. Today we were recording the videos to demo the game. See it below.

There is a reason why the game is suitable for 6-year old kids. Watch the bloopers video with the 3-year old. We all had fun making it. The camera got shakier when the camera-woman started laughing too. It ended in giggles all around.

There is a few more things to wrap up, so, you’ll have to wait about a week for the app to be published. What do you think of the app based on the demo?

2 thoughts on “Coming soon… First grade math

  1. Great Job, seems like a lot of fun for kids. What I might suggest in addition (if possible) a little variety in animation on when monkey is fed, or when kid doesn’t match the correct number of slices (hungry, ate too much), some effects on bubbles.

  2. Great ideas. I was thinking of carrot crunching sound when monkey eats the pie too. I’ll definitely incorporate some of these next week before release, and more on updates.

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