100,000 Downloads. Wow! I can reach for the sky.

I wanted to write that out in full – 100,000 downloads – of Kindergarten Math Lite. Wow! That’s a lot of zeros. I don’t think any other software I can be credited for has ever reached this number of downloads.

But, last weekend, I had doubts – some rankings fell, some orders were cancelled. I wondered if I was on the right path. I wondered if it makes sense to build apps that develop the mind, not just entertain it. I wondered if there a market for learning apps that develop kids mental muscle. I wondered if anyone is looking for apps to teach their kids math. Conor says to me – rather sagely –

We use the apps. We need the apps to teach our kids. That’s what matters. 20 years from now, what do you think you’ll remember you did? The bug-fix in some obscure code, a tiny feature you built in a big site. Or, the apps you built for the love of the kids.

Apps that got downloaded a hundred-thousand times. I have no doubts today. Doubts will no-doubt come back. And, when they do, I’ll go looking for the sage advice, and I’ll come back to the ground.

But, today, let me fly. Let me reach for the sky.

One thought on “100,000 Downloads. Wow! I can reach for the sky.

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