The lost concept of learning

If everyone agrees that the app is good, that probably means its a proven concept – nothing new. For Kindergarten Math, I get wildly differing opinions. That can only mean one thing. It’s never been done before. Some people get it, some don’t. That’s how it is with new ideas.

Here is a sample of some of the user reviews. Most of the reviews are positive –

  • ***** Just what I wanted. Basic skills in a Montessori like lesson.
  • ***** Love it. My son really enjoy playing this game. Easy to play and great for learning…
  • ***** Excellent! My 5 yr old loves it! I even had to reset it, so she can play again.
But, then there are some on the total opposite end of the spectrum
  • * The format is very unappealing …
  • * too confusing for my 5yo trying to put the balls in the box just to count etc

And, no reviews in the middle. Not even two educational experts can agree on Kindergarten Math

In ISTE blog, Katie says

… this Android program offers a variety of exercises that speak to the way young minds pick up mathematical concepts. For example, by moving balls in and out of a box users are able to actually see the process of addition and subtraction. …

On her blog, Cynthia says

I find these activities to be nothing more than drill. There’s no goal or premise, the voice is not very engaging – so basically unless you’re a kid who just naturally likes to do make activities…

The goal of the app is learning. The difference between the reviews is whether it is from the adult’s eyes or the child’s. As one self-aware parent said in her review –

… the other app has more options and is more colorful and fun (to me) but to my son – this one (Kindergarten Math) took the cake for some reason. 🙂 He did them all and wanted to keep going …

It takes interaction with kids on a daily basis to know what our kids really need and enjoy. To adults, it’s obvious that 2+2 is 4. Kids love seeing the concept behind it. When they do, a light bulb turns on, and they want to keep going, keep learning, keep practicing the exercises.

Infinut’s learning games are not for parents or teachers looking for flashy distractions. They are for teachers wanting to teach at a conceptual level, and parents looking to inculcate a love of learning in their child through understanding and achievement.

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