2012 – What a year!

5 game releases. A new business partner. Earnings growing from $100 per month to $1000 per month. What a year 2012 has been!

5 game releases

Kindergarten Math was released Dec, 2011. Just before 2012. The lite version has 200,000+ downloads. Then, there was a dry spell while I worked on contract.

Kindergarten Shapes was released in May, 2012. Even the youngest one plays it.

First Grade Math was released in Aug, 2012. Sales have been really picking up for it during the holiday season

Kids Science : Measure was released in Oct, 2012. It is getting some superb reviews.

Kindergarten Word Play was released 2 days ago. It is already amassing downloads and sales. Designed by Katherine, my new business partner, it looks to be our best game yet.

Earnings rising from $100 per month to $1000 per month

All the new games, and the work is bearing fruit with a slow and steady increase in revenues. We are not greedy, nor is money our purpose for building the kid’s games. Our purpose is to teach kids. Our goal is to be able to support ourselves while doing what we love.


If we keep learning, teaching, creating and growing, slowly and steadily, in a few years, we will. 🙂

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