Amazon, Google neck-to-neck, Nook falls behind.

Last time we compared Google Play, Amazon Market, and Nook store for sales of apps the charts looked like –

Earnings for June for 2 paid apps

Sales on Google Play were significantly higher. But, today, the trend seems to be changing. Spot the difference for yourself.


Last year, Amazon sales were not even half of the sales on Google play. This year they are starting the year neck-to-neck. For the first time, the trend is in Amazon’s favor. Overall sales for android have also surged starting 2012 christmas season. But unlike 2012 january, this time they haven’t declined after the holiday season. The android app market is changing so fast, all my predictions are turning up wrong – thankfully, for the better. I am very excited about what 2013 will bring – more kids learning apps!

Some caveats

  • The trend may not last. I only have 1 month of data. Things tend to go up and down.
  • It applies to kids learning apps only. I don’t have information on any other type of apps

Any other indie publishers seeing similar or different trends, please post your observations.

Update on 2/15

Amazon won in total sales for Jan 2013. If the pattern continues… perhaps that’s another blog post.


One thought on “Amazon, Google neck-to-neck, Nook falls behind.

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