Celebrating the small victories

Entrepreneurship is tough on the ego.

Entrepreneurship is tough on the ego. There is no pat on the back. No raise. No bonus. A lot of slog. Some happy customers. Some complaints. Friends looking at you like you are a bit crazy. Worse. They think you are lazy and do nothing all day. You proudly tell them you made a few hundred dollars last month, and they give you a sympathetic look. You were expecting an atta-girl. So what, if it’s not enough to live on. It’s better than the fifty you made a few months ago. They offer to help you find a job. You were a good engineer. Still are.

How do I keep going? By enjoying the little victories…

Having built two completely failed startups, I actually enjoy making even a little bit of money with our apps. Success as a destination is illusive and can only be seen in hindsight. Small victories I can see and enjoy now.

Just to remind myself when things are down, here are some recent victories –

  1. Release of new app – Kindergarten Word Play – lite version reached 10,000 downloads in a month.
  2. Total sales doubling during December holiday season from the month before.
  3. A top 10 app listing and a 5* full-page review by a third party website for Kindergarten Math.
  4. Kindergarten Math has crossed 1000 +1’s on Google Play.
  5. Kindergarten Word Lite downloads surging on Amazon – ranked in top 10 in education


Whether in business or in life – baby steps are the beginning. Enjoy your small successes.

Update on 2/15

To all the recruiters sending me job descriptions – thanks, but please stop. Teaching at UW and building Kid’s educational games is keeping me very busy.

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