Are you thirsty enough?

Ours is a two-mom team building apps. We build all our code, graphics and sound. Between the two of us, we have 30 years of programming experience. We both have Computer Science degrees as one of our degrees.

Our early though small successes have some moms asking us – Can they do what we are doing? Can they build apps for kids? Some have a background in Computers. Some are teachers. Short answer is Yes.

How do I get started?

If you have no background in Computer Science, you will need to learn how to code. I teach java and android at University of Washington Professional and Continuing Education. They have a series of courses in Seattle and on the east-side that can get you going.

  1. Intro to programming – teaches functional programming
  2. Intro to Java Programming – teaches Object Oriented programming to those that know functional programming
  3. Java Certificate – three course certificate that teaches java in-depth. It is great for understanding a wide variety of programming concepts.
  4. Android Certificate – three course certificate teaches android programming. You also get to create a project, which you can publish at the end of the course.

Instead of the 3 and 4 steps above, you can do the iOS certificate for coding on iPhones and iPads. It teaches Objective-C language also – that is used for iOS programming.

For someone who has never coded before, it will probably take a year before you can build a project from scratch on your own. That’s just a guesstimate – some will take much longer, some much less depending on coding aptitude.

Can I pay a developer to build my idea?

Short answer is No. Like in any business, inspiration is 0.00001%, perspiration is 99.9999%. Current typical sales and profits, even for successful apps, are not sufficient to cover the cost of developing apps. If we were both drawing the same salary we’d make working for someone else, we would be in a deep hole. We would be a failure with a ton of debt. Our sum total of earnings for last year was 5K. Two developer’s salary is easily 200K. We only draw a limited salary if and when we make money selling our apps.

If you want to talk to developers, I’d recommend various technology or entrepreneurship user groups on meetup. I have presented at and been to some of them – SeaJUGGoogle Developer Group, Android Developer Group.

Do you have a thirst for knowledge?

It is great that moms and teachers are interested and asking about how to start building their own apps. Whether you have a programming background or not, entrepreneurship takes a lot of determination and passion. We would love to see more moms and teachers code and build apps. We hope many will try and succeed. But, in the end, it’s entirely upto them. As I struggle to accept that one of my students has failed the course, I am reminded of the saying, 

One can lead a horse to water,  but, cannot make it drink.

Are you thirsty enough?

Some students make it all worthwhile. Just got this link from a student and friend. She just published her first app – Tiny Peppers.

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