Why ours is better than others

What makes Infinut’s apps different is a question many people have been asking me recently. How are they better than other learning websites? How are they better than other apps?

The key aspects that make our apps different –

Learning by doing

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them. –  Aristotle

There are three steps in teaching anything –

  1. Telling
  2. Showing
  3. Doing

Communication research tells us that people tend to remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, 50% of what they hear and see, 80% of what they hear, see, and do.

We believe that doing is where true learning happens. Our apps tell and show a little, but primarily focus on learning by doing. For kids, it is natural to learn as they do the exercises. This is why many of our customers’ reviews talk about how our apps helped their kids learn.

Conceptual learning

Apps that just drill for answers are testing whether kids have already learnt. They are good for revision, but not for learning. We are not drilling. We are building conceptual understanding. We focus on the why, not just the final answer. For adding 2+2, the kids don’t just press the answer 4. They have to figure it out by adding balls into the box and counting them – hence learning the concept of addition. As another example, we use place value grids to help kids figure out how to add big numbers.

Hard to Guess

Guessing is not learning. To complete our exercises you can’t simply tap all the options and enjoy the applause. The exercises require kids to do the work (move the balls or coins), then confirm their answer. An app that either does all the work, or makes guessing too easy does not teach kids to work through problems.  We design our exercises to progress slowly in difficulty, but to require thought and effort.

Easy to Use

We believe in very simple to use apps. Kids use the touch screen to manipulate objects we design easily. We build exercises that are taken from the real world e.g. pies for fractions, balls in boxes for addition and subtraction, coins for place values, tape for measurement and so on. We make the exercise elements big – so even little fingers can manipulate them. We don’t add un-neccesary backgrounds and characters to distract from the learning.

Educational and fun

The educational focus comes first for our apps. We use common core standards as a guidance for age appropriateness. And, also test the apps with our kids. There is aspects to make the apps more fun – balloons, bubbles, monkeys – where it enhances and integrates with the learning.  That is why our apps have proven to be valuable for learning for kids of all abilities.

In answer to the questions –

How are our apps better than other learning websites?

Many of the websites teach by telling using videos. Most do mulitple-choice drills. Some have tried visualizations – but they are generally not easy to use for kids to do on their own. They are ok for demonstrations – for telling, not doing. Our apps contain interactive simulations that the kids can use to discover and learn.

How are our apps better than other apps?

Many of the apps on the market are revision tests, not learning apps. Many are full of distractions that have nothing to do with learning – edutainment. They keep the kids busy for a while, but don’t do much for enhancing learning. Our apps are designed for learning. We don’t do ads. We don’t steal your personal information, so, we have no reason to request any permissions from your device. We focus on learning in a distraction free educational app.

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