Amazon vs Google PLAY offs, and the 2013 trophy goes to…

Kindle Fire consumes Android


I couldn’t have predicted this result. In 2 years, the odds have reversed. When we started publishing apps two years ago, we only published to the biggest market – Google Play. Then we tried blackberry – we all know how that went. Within a month, Amazon’s new market was up and running. We tried it out, and we are glad we did.

For the first year of publishing, Google Play brought in twice any much revenue as Amazon. Starting beginning of this year, Amazon started bringing in more than Google Play. We weren’t sure if the trend would last. But, it kept on getting more pronounced every month. Now, Amazon brings in roughly twice as much as Google Play in sales of our apps. It is quite a reversal of fortunes. This year’s clear winner is Amazon.

The losers, though, are still in the game. But, we’re not sure their heart is in it. They don’t give back coins to entice the customer. They don’t give away free promotional ads to their developers. Their top developer program and featured app lists are an old boys club. Their customers feel neglected. Their educational play was an unimaginative, uninspiring flop. Trolls ruin their developer’s hard work. Unless something changes, the moat (android nexus) around their castle (search) is starting to look more like a ditch.

We are actually fond of failures. We have failed many times. Many a times we got up and got going again. Criticisms helped us improve. Failures made us better. Next year the slate is clean again. Let the games begin.

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