Anyone can do Math

A dinner conversation with the kids… Nora (4 years old) and Tara (7 years old).

Nora: Can I have more strawberry?

Conor: If you say please.

Nora (exasperated): Can I have more strawberry, please!?!

Me: There’s only a few strawberries left.

Tara: Can I have some too?

Me: Nora, you divide them up.

Nora picks two strawberries for her sister and two for herself. That’s all the strawberries.

Tara: Look mommy. Nora divided the strawberries equally. She can divide!

Me: Yes! Anyone can do division. Nora, can you do division?

Nora: What? Me? No. I cant do division.

Math is part of our life. We solve word problems every day as part of our life. Math is not the ability to regurgitate facts of numbers. It is the shorthand for describing the world. Anyone can do Math.

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