The Art of Our Innovation

I truly enjoyed the presentation above, and highly recommend entrepreneurs to watch it. Here’s what it means to me –

  1. Make Meaning – My purpose is to provide high-quality learning for all kids.
  2. Mantra – Deep Conceptual Learning.
  3. Jump the Curve – Learning using Apps. Previous curves were Testing or Gaming using Apps, but not Learning.
  4. Roll the Dice – Each app is Deep, Intelligent, Complete learning for a topic. Learning is Empowering, and the games are Easy to Use.
  5. Don’t worry, be Crappy – The apps are not crappy, we’re scrappy. Yes, the multi-media experience needs improvement.
  6. Let it blossom – We thought it would only be parents like us who would use the apps to supplement or add to learning at school, but, it turned out that teachers find it just as useful. I built the apps for my two very smart girls, but, found out from users that the apps were even more useful for remedial learning. We are all remedial learners when we learn something new.
  7. Polarizes people – I always found that one hard to take, specially the one star reviews that said – what a dumb way to learn, why is it making me do, and not just answer. But, now, I get it – those people want tests. Their goal is to pass a test. Our goal is to teach and learn. We get tons of 5* reviews from people wanting to teach and learn.
  8. Churn baby Churn – We have been improving the apps based on feedback – adding awards, changing voice, fixing explanations and so on.
  9. Niche thyself – We are, definitely, in a niche. There are plenty of apps that gamify, test or promote guesswork. There is very few apps that actually promote learning. We provide a unique value. The market is much smaller than for gaming and testing. So, we still have to be price competitive.
  10. Perfect your pitch – I think this post is about perfecting my pitch 🙂
  11. Ignore the Bozos – There is plenty of people who tell us that there is no money in education, you are wasting your time. Its true. I have been ignoring them. Comes back to the first point – we want to help kids learn, not just make money.

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