Promotions on Amazon Store vs Google Play

We publish our apps to Amazon store and Google Play markets. We are discouting Kids Phonics by 80% for Back to School promotion for a short time on Amazon only. We do promotions on Amazon store only. That’s primarily because of a nifty promotions tool on Amazon.

Promotions on Amazon Store

To create a promotion on Amazon store, we use the promotions tool to setup a % price drop as shown in the screen below –


We just specify the dates of the promotion and % price drop. It gets activated when the date is crossed. Once the promotion is active, the app shows the old price crossed out, the promotional price, and the % discount. Kids Phonics typically sells very well for $4.99. Customers are happy to get it for only $.99 at 80% off.phonicsonsale

My kindergartener is getting ready for back to school. We play with Kids Phonics every night. This promotion is for other moms like me.

Promotions on Google Play

Promotions on Google Play don’t exist. The only thing we can do is set the price, in this very long list of about 100 countries, each of which is set individually –


Even though Google will translate the prices based on today’s exchange rates, the prices show up as 3.93, or 15.06 etc – who wants to buy when they see a price like that? So, we have to set the prices individually for each country manually…painfully.

To do a promotion, we can change the pricing. After we change the pricing, the app shows the promotional pricing on the market. But, it doesn’t show what the real price is, nor the discount. So, customers don’t appreciate it. There is no uptick in sales to make up for the loss in price.

Much as we’d like to, there isn’t any point in running price-reduction promotions on Google Play. The only exception is when Google itself promotes the apps on Google Play home page. Someday, we hope to be able to do promotions on Google Play too.

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