Today I published Fractions by Infinut

20 years ago

I was in my third year of engineering college. I was co-incharge of decorations for the college festival – Rendezvous. I was skipping classes to build canopies. I stayed up nights and wrote a learning software for communication codes. It had a UI. Professors were impressed. I was the only one who built a UI to explain concepts.

10 years ago

I had moved to the US. It had been a tough adjustment for the first few years, but, now it feels like home. I just completed my Masters in CS. I am married. We bought a house. Planted a lot of fruit trees. I prefer contracts to permanent jobs now – I think its because it keeps me out of office politics… it usually does.

5 years ago

I finished another contract developing server software few months before I had my second daughter. It is exhausting with new baby and a three year old, even when not working.

2 and a 1/2 years ago

Its over a year since I quit my full-time employee position. I just don’t want to deal with the boys club anymore. With no job, I had time to code. I tried launching, then, and failed to get any traction with either. Then, I built and published Kindergarten Math. I had no expectations of it. But, it took off. Parents and teachers loved it. I built more real learning apps.

1 year ago

Our newest app has slow pickup. We don’t have any media contacts, or money for marketing. The proof is only in the pudding. Should we do more media and cartoons? Cartoons sell, but they distract from learning. I decide to stay with the learning. My business partner decides to leave. My faith in the importance of learning is shaken. I wonder if I am going to fail again. I do some maintenance work for a while, then gradually get back into building new apps to teach the kids. I need the apps to teach my daughters.

1/2 year ago

We won MIT Forum Demo Day. I feel like I am on the right path again. I am working on the app that I’ve always wanted to build – Fractions – a very difficult topic to teach and learn. I want to teach it using many visual and interactive games. I take games that my daughters play – pretend feeding their toys, cooking, drawing shapes, measuring – and turn them into interactive touch-screen games that teach fractions concepts.

1/4 year ago

It is a warm summer. The fruit trees we planted 10 years ago, are loaded with plums, peaches, grapes. The apples and pears are not doing as well. The fractions app has become a big monster. Did I take on too much? My 8 year old tries the fractions games I’ve built so far. Her verdict – “I want to play more. When will you make some more, mommy.” Yes! I am supercharged to get it done.


I published Fractions by Infinut.




References: Inspired by this post by Kieran – Twenty Years

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