2015 in Review

2015 was a year of learning –

  1. Teaching – Early in the year I taught a course on Spring & Hibernate in Java. Then, had to bow out of teaching the next course. Teaching is rewarding, but also a lot of work. I needed to work on the plan for where to take Infinut.
  2. Conferences – Thanks to Chiu ki‘s and Margaret’s support and insistence, I submitted, got accepted and presented my first conference talk in NY.
  3. Pitches – This was the year I learnt to pitch to investors. I started off with trying to project an image of a business person with heels and suits. I was always uncomfortable, nervous as someone I was not. My first presentation was at First look, and last presentation at InnovateHer was in jeans t-shirt and comfy shoes. We did not get funding, but, made a great number of helpful connections.
  4. GDG Organizing – I organized workshops on Getting started with Android along with Margaret at Seattle GDG. And, at the end of the year, finishing up organization of a WTM event to encourage women speakers – paying forward Chiu Ki’s effort to get more women technical speakers.
  5. Workout – In 2015, I found the right balance of workouts for me. Yoga and circuit training each once a week – stretching and strength. When the stress of doing too many things at a time rises, a workout provides both an escape and a way to get back in focus.
  6. NSF Grant – I started preparing to apply in February for an NSF grant. I spent months getting letters of support, organizing a team, writing a proposal that I submitted in June. And, after much waiting and nail-biting suspense, we were granted in November for Jan-Jun 2016

Next in 2016

Infinut as a company

This year, we’ll have a small office in a co-working space. I am setting up payroll for the 3 people joining on Monday. I can’t wait to have their expert help and support. Infinut feels more like a company.

I’ll go to educational conferences, talk to many customers, and figure out how to market to schools this year. I wonder if I will look back at this as the turning point. There is so much to do.

With the huge learning curve of managing a company, plus, delivering on promised software, I will step back on some of the optional things – Teaching, Conference talks, GDG organizing – fun and rewarding things I may come back to again some day.


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