Our Story

When we looked for apps to help teach our kids, we couldn’t find any that were good. One was just informational text for the kids to learn by rote. Another was multiple-choice tests; just press buttons. A third had 4 soundtracks and 2 animations running all at the same time. How was a kid supposed to focus?

During an Android app hackathon in Seattle, WA, our founder Ana built a simple numbers maze for her kids to play. It turned out that her kids and others loved playing the game and learning at the same time!

With this encouragement, we got serious about filling this learning gap and pulled together a team with expertise in technology, multimedia and education. With support from an NSF grant, we are designing and building interactive games that teach the same way parents and teachers do, patiently explaining concepts and engaging playfully.

Our math, science and reading apps have been downloaded more than 1.5 million times with over two thousand reviews. Infinut’s apps have been successfully used by many to learn simple concepts.

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The Team

  • Ana, Founder and CTO
  • Sherri, Board Advisor
  • Barb, Art Director
  • Shima, Software Developer
  • Susan, Education Research
  • Mike, Audio Engineer