First Grade Math

  • Kids enjoy a bubble pop game to practice addition and subtraction.
  • Kids learn fractions while feeding the monkey pieces of a pie.
  • Visualizations help kids understand place values and fractions.
  • See what our customers are saying –

My 2nd grader struggled last year, and was already falling behind this year within a month of school. Math homework time in the house starts and ends with crying, and involves a couple meltdowns in between. Within minutes of starting to “play” with the math games, she was getting a different perspective from how they were teaching things in school. Number placement is finally clicking. And when it was time to do math homework last night, for the first time in over a year there was not a tear shed, and there were even a few smiles because she was getting it.

– Sabputt

My daughters math has improved with this app. She loves playing it daily and it doesn’t feel like work to her. She loves getting the ribbons and rewards at the end.

– Mom of 3

My first grader finally understands fractions! I love it!!!

– Erin

Cute and highly recommended. My first grade daughter loves the app on her Kindle, great for learning and it works like a cool game.

– Lisa

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