First Grade Word Play

  • First grade kids learn to read 250+ words.
  • Four different games to practice 4, 5 and 6 letter words.
  • Phonics for complex vowel and consonant combinations.
  • Sight words and spelling practice.
  • Image and sound for a multi-media interactive learning experience.
  • See the customer reviews –

The first game is a word search game, which Acacia has fallen in love with. In fact, I’m putting together a word search book for her now because she’s become so interested in word searches.

– Sonya

I work in special Ed with a first grader, he loves this app, and it is really helping him learn. I especially like the phonics, and he does too!!

– Kathleen

This app is a really good learning app for first graders. My daughter is in first grade and she really enjoys this app. My daughter practices with this app for about 30 minutes every day. This app has really helped with her learning In school, and her report card shows great results. Definitely recommend this app.

– Na’curria

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