• 3rd to 5th grade kids learn fractions in-depth by playing 300 visual and interactive exercises.
  • See, hear and understand the explanation for each topic, followed by many games.
  • Mixed, Improper, Equivalent, Compare, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Fractions.
  • Kids enjoy fun sound effects, interactive animations and rewards on completion.
  • Review the report card to see how well the kids are doing.
  • No third-party ads, No in-app purchases and No data collection.

Creative, fun, let’s a person absorb the meaning of fractions visually and at their own pace. A variety of game style routines are used to benefit learning.

– Amanda

Mastery based, ability to improve scores and really seems to teach and cement the concepts. My 4th grader is on around the 3rd out of the 15 levels. He has had to redo each one twice so far to improve his scores to 90%+ for me. But I love being able to see his exact score to judge mastery.

– T. Turissini

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