New! infinut Math for Home

Kindergarten Math Home is the first release in the series of infinut Math applications for conceptual math learning for elementary school children.

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Kindergarten Math Home is the all you need math application to get your child learning for success at school. Have kids play this fun and interactive application to jump start their math learning and use it the whole year as they grow and learn. Kindergarten Math Home consists of 30 lessons with a total of 600 exercises covering the full kindergarten math curriculum. Kids love the fun games, awards and animations.

Touch Manipulatives

Kindergarten Math Home teaches math concepts using touch manipulatives that are proven to improve understanding of concepts. In a research study at a school, playing Kindergarten Math Home resulted in a large improvement in students test scores, especially for difficult to learn topics such as subtraction and place values.

Student Reports

Parents, keep track of your children’s progress with easy to read reports. Assign specific lessons that you know will help your child succeed or let them play the lessons in order of difficulty. Use the parent profile to try out any exercise.

Individual Child Profiles

Play worry-free from the child profile. Go to the profile screen in Kindergarten Math Home:
1. Press the ‘Add Child’ button to create a child profile.
2. Press and hold the parent profile to ‘set-a-pin’. This pin will be required to switch back from child to parent profile.
3. Tap child profile avatar to switch to the child profile.
No purchases are allowed from a child profile. Switch back to the parent profile to purchase a subscription …only when you want to.

Yearly Subscription

Kindergarten Math Home is available for a yearly subscription. First Grade math content will be added in March 2017 on the same subscription. 3 Lessons with a total of 60 exercises are available for free. Download Kindergarten Math Home today and see your child play to succeed.

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