Kids Shapes (Unpublished)

Try Kindergarten Math Home which includes the popular games from Kids Shapes.

  • Teach kids shapes, patterns, and Logic.
  • Follow voice instructions and hints.
  • Kids earn badges and trophy for their effort.
  • Multi-touch enabled, so app remains responsive with multiple fingers on screen.
  • Kids Shapes is now completely free.
  • See what our customers are saying –

Perfect! My almost two year old played this game on the puzzle setting for a couple of days and went from knowing 2 shapes to knowing all 8 that are in the game. It blew me away how fast he picked them up. He loves the praise when he finishes a puzzle and it’s amazingly adorable hearing say all his shapes as he reaches for them on the game and in the physical. You don’t need service or WiFi to play and there are no ads which is a major plus since the ads seem more appealing to him on most games. Thank you so much!

– Rachel

Loved the puzzles and games. The puzzles especially helped my little one learn and identify the shapes.

– Janice

My four year old loves the mazes and puzzles. I like that the audio names the shapes as the child moves them.

– S. Phillips

2 thoughts on “Kids Shapes (Unpublished)

  1. Why is this app no longer available on google play. My daughter now has an android tablet just for educational apps (they are currently on an old smart phone) but I cannot find this one on google play to download for her and it is one of her favorites.

    • Hi, Robyn,

      The shapes application is no longer supported, so, it is removed from the store. We are incorporating some of its most popular parts – puzzles, patterns, sudoku into K-5 curriculum that includes math and measurements that we are building. The Kindergarten Math curriculum will be available later this year. And, the older grades will be built after that. I can send you the link for when the Kindergarten curriculum (includes the shape puzzles) becomes available.

      We appreciate your understanding as we build sustainable learning applications for kids.
      Thank you

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