Kindergarten Math (Unpublished)

Try Kindergarten Math Home which includes the popular games from Kindergarten Math and more.

  • Learn math basics with counting, sequencing, addition, subtraction exercises
  • Complete multi-media experience with spoken instructions.
  • Enjoy an ad-free, permissions-free educational experience.
  • 500,000+ downloads. See what our customers are saying –

Speaks to the way young minds pick up mathematical concepts.

– Katie

Her teacher at preschool can see the difference between her and her classmates.

– Brian

It really helps!!! My 5yr daughter was struggling with her math and shes getting better thanks to this game.

– Karina

Great app, I paid for the full version within 5 minutes and its great value.

– Maggie

Great game! As a teacher and parent, I can say that this app is one of the best at providing a fun way for kids to learn math and it really challenges kids to think about the math.

– Char

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