Kids Phonics

  • Comprehensive phonics learning app with lessons on basic to advanced topics suitable for 4-8 year old kids.
  • 40 lessons taught using 15 different interactive games. Hundreds of words and exercises.
  • Phonics topics covered for Kindergarten to Second grade.
  • Brief instructions for each topic, followed by many interactive games with narration, phonics cues, and hints to reinforce the concept.
  • Kids enjoy fun sound effects, interactive animations and rewards on completion.
  • No third-party ads, No in-app purchases and No data collection.
  • See what our customers are saying –

This is a fantastic app for learning to read. My daughter is a struggling reader and normally groans and moans when it comes to reading practice but she loves this app. It starts with simple consonant and phonic recognition and progresses to more complicated consonant blends from there. It saves your child’s progress and I enjoy going through it with her myself. She loves when she gets a trophy for passing another level. I would highly recommend this application. It is a great phonics program.

– Wendy

Our 5-year-old granddaughter loves it! There are several activities, all she can figure out and learn from. Plus there are harder levels for her to move up to! I’m very pleased with it.

– Jodi

This is exactly what my daughter needed, very well done and certainly worth the price! Unfortunately, I wasted money on a few others before discovering this.

– David

…Any child struggling with phonics should have this app, a true star for both educational and entertainment delivery. My students can’t get enough!


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One thought on “Kids Phonics

  1. I tried lots of Apps but none impressed me to purchase for my son. This is the first App that I purchased for my 4 year old and It’s worth more than what I paid. Really impressed with whoever made this App. May God Bless Them…

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