infinut Math for Schools – Kindergarten

Aims to Make Learning Math Easy and Fun for all Children

September 6, 2016 – infinut announces infinut Math for Schools – Kindergarten, available now as an Android app and coming to Chromebooks soon. An innovative new solution focused on closing the growing gap in early math proficiency (from which students never recover), infinut Math for Schools – Kindergarten uses visual and interactive math exercises to convey deep understanding of elementary math concepts. infinut’s goal is to deliver comprehensive K-5 math content for elementary school children. Today’s release of infinut Math for Schools – Kindergarten is the first module in the series, providing complete coverage of the Common Core requirements for Kindergarten-level math. It includes 30 lessons organized by topics of increasing difficulty, built with 20 different math mini-games for a total of 600 exercises for students to enjoy.

Building on the success of 1.5 million downloads of its educational apps, infinut Math for Schools – Kindergarten includes special features for schools; an easy-to-use teacher dashboard, a lesson assignments feature, and seamless integration with Google Apps for Education® (GAfE) and Google Classroom® for class rosters and single sign-on. “Teachers know best how to engage and encourage the students to keep advancing their learning. Both data and actions to take based on that data are required today in software applications used in classrooms. These features make our math software very appealing for teachers and schools,” says founder Ana Redmond.infinut’s Math application is versatile enough to support multiple use cases. This is important because schools need to do more with less. Our software can be used in the classroom by teachers or parent volunteers. It can be used for self-directed practice after school. It is useful for special education students in higher grades who are cognitively behind.”

Unlike the glut of first-generation math software found in schools today which relies on rote ‘drill and kill’ formats, multiple-choice guess tests, or unfriendly teacher design, infinut Math for Schools – Kindergarten uses touch-based, kinesthetic, game-like exercises with kid-friendly art and contextual audio cues to easily teach math concepts to children. Kids learn because they love playing the games. infinut Math for Schools – Kindergarten has been proven to deliver positive student learning outcomes. As part of a Phase I NSF grant in 2016, infinut’s rigorous research pilot showed a large improvement (Cohen’s d:1.24, p<.001) in test scores for topics that students played in the app. Students in the lowest 10th percentile improved the most (24 percentile points) as compared to similar students in the control group. ELL (English Language Learners) students benefited because the visual and audio cues remove any requirement for reading fluency at the Kindergarten level.

“It is often the disadvantaged children, who don’t have as much support at home or school, who get left behind,” says Ana Redmond, Founder of infinut. “infinut is on a mission to improve children’s learning in a fun and engaging way. By reducing the gap between student achievements in the short term and making math learning fun for all elementary school students, not only can we help students catch up, we may also help narrow the STEM employment skill gap in the long term.”

About infinut

infinut is the company behind infinut Math for Schools – Kindergarten. Launched in 2011 with the vision to help all students easily learn basic math concepts, infinut Math for Schools teaches using manipulatives in touch-based games. infinut was founded by Ana Redmond who has 15 years of professional software development. She is a Java and Android Instructor at University of Washington. Ana brought together a team of enthusiastic educators, artists, software developers and parents to build Kindergarten Math.

Contact Information:
Name: Ana Redmond
Phone Number: 425-823-5165